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Bring Back Couples Choice

August 15, 2019


On August 21, 2019, Couples Choice, met with the zoning board to discuss a special use permit to use the club/location for a safe meeting place of like minded individuals. Now, they City Council will vote at their next meeting on September 4, 2019 to grant Couples Choice the special use permit and We need your HELP!


As you may all have heard the Champagne Club in Ft. Wayne had their council vote the other week to pass the no live sex acts ordinance that was passed in Markham and they won! We need your help making our voices heard to the Markham City Council to have the same outcome!


Below is a list of the Mayor and the 2 Alderman and 2 Alderwoman. You will also find a sample letter.


Dear Mayor Agpawa,

We understand that you will be voting on a Special Use Permit for Couples Choice. As a member of Couples Choice, we thank you for taking the time to hear us out. We have been attending Couples Choice for a little over ten years without any incidents. We try to drive up about once a month to see our friends! Couples Choice provides us with a safe venue to all meet at instead of at bars and nightclubs. We drive two and a half hours to Markham. Many of our friends drive further distances. Couples Choice not only has deep roots in Markham, they have been around for thirty-two years; but it is also a destination for many in the Lifestyle. We are not only members of Couples Choice, but consumers in Markham spending money on hotels, restaurants, gas stations, stores, and more. For all the years we have been coming, we have never heard of any issues our members have caused at Couples Choice or in your community. We are simply consenting adults, meeting on our own time in the safety of a private club with like minded friends. We understand that our lifestyle may not line up with your morals and/or beliefs; but we ask when you vote on the Special Use Permit, please vote for what is best for Markham and the members of Couples Choice. Not only will you be taking away revenue from Markham, but you will be taking away our safe and private place to meet forcing us to meet elsewhere.


We hope to visit Markham again soon!
Couples Choice Members

Please send a separate email to each:
Roger Agpawa

Brenna Hampton-Houser
1st Ward Alderwoman

Wanda Jean McDowell
2nd Ward Alderwoman

Ronald Jones
3rd Ward Alderman

William Barron
4th Ward Alderman



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