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Can you make it?

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August 17th as we invade Blarney’s Island during Fantasy!

We ask everyone to pre-register for this event so that updated information can be emailed to you as it becomes available.
Information about the Day…
The Official Invasion will take place in the evening.
Saturday 3-6 pm:  Boat Tie Up
Persons with boats or access to boats will probably be tying up during the day and then hit the island later around 5-6 till late into the night.  If you do not party like that, do not try it here.  Unless you have experience, use caution when drinking all day into the night.  The heat booze and fun will exhaust you; please be vigilant and not over party.   The main party at night you will not want to miss.
Don't have a boat?  No worries.  You can make it to the tie up location by car as well.  Please see the picture
From the water, just head towards Port of Blarney's, go under the bridge at Grass Lake Road and look for the gas pumps.  You can't miss us!  This is not a hosted event.  Make sure to check the facebook invite for any changes the day of.
Chicago Bar Meets and NW Partylife are NOT hosting a pre-party or after party, only the invasion at Blarney's Island.  We ask that you use discretion as this is a vanilla bar.  Also, do not roam the hotels unless you are a guest or invited back by one.
Saturday 6-8 pm: Blarney's Island  
We will announce the official meeting place closer to the date.  There is NO cost to you for joining us.   Mixed drinks are $5, Beer is $3 and premium drinks are $8.  The entire venue will be open to the public and filled with patrons attending Fantasy Fest! 
Blarney’s Island
27843 West Grass Lake Road
Antioch, IL 60002

You do not need a boat to get here. Port of Blarney, which is the restaurant part of Blarneys Island, has a shuttle service to and from the island. The charge is $10 per person and you can go back and forth as many times as you wish.
It is a short 8 minute ride one way.
If you do plan on bringing your boat, please visit Port of Blarney for information about launching.
Can you make it?
Tie Up Location
This is Fantasy Fest Weekend. Vanillas along with lifestyle people will be present on the main bar area, and I am sure some conversions will take place. Nudity is NOT allowed, however, as long as the areola and nipple is covered, you are ALL GOOD. Body Painters from Key West are being flown in for the Weekend and will be available for a small charge. Black tape is being used to cover the nipple area from the painters. We will also have some pasties in case you forget.

Hotel Info…
The shuttle will not be available, but cabs will be.

Best Western Antioch
Phone: 847-395-3606
350 W Highway 173
Antioch, Illinois, 60002-1870 
Super 8 Richmond
11200 N. US Rt 12 Main St
Richmond, IL 60071815-217-2392

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